How Does Acupuncture Work?

Pretend that you and I are on a walk in the woods.  We come upon a stream that has been dammed up by old tires, plastic bags, beer bottles, even a small beaver’s dam. Above that dam the land would be soggy and mucky, backed up with water that should be flowing downstream. And downstream from that dam would be dried out. Maybe just a trickle of water could make it through. The land would be dry and barely making it! The foliage would be brown and thirsty.

Pretend now that you and I and some other friends clear out all that trash! We remove the blockages from that stream. The wet, soggy land would begin to drain and become firm. The dry land would start receiving those life-giving waters and be resuscitated. The sun would help dry up the mucky areas. The rain would help fill the stream. Nature would recalibrate and heal what had been out of balance. Balance would return and the land would flourish. This is exactly what acupuncture does!

By gently placing needles in specific points along the body, acupuncture restores the flow of chi. The acupuncture points are stimulated and the blockages to the normal flow of the body’s life force are removed. Once the physical and/or emotional dams are removed, the chi is restored. Then acupuncture is used to maintain and build the smooth flow of chi. Acupuncture uses your body’s own intelligence, it’s natural desire for balance to help heal you!

What About the Needles?

During your treatment I use small, sterile disposable needles to gently restore the smooth flow of chi. These needles are solid, unlike hollow hypodermic needles, and are only slightly wider than a human hair.

You may feel nothing as the needle is inserted or a small ache or tingling sensation once the needle enters the stream of chi. I have studied and practiced diligently to minimize any discomfort and to provide you with the safest most pain-free experience possible.


Each person’s response to acupuncture treatment is different. You may feel an overwhelming sense of relief with the first treatment. Others may experience a gradual improvement. Others may have no change in their symptoms but feel better and more able to cope overall.

It takes time for the body to heal especially if your condition is chronic. Increased energy, better sleep, improved digestion and immunity, an inner sense of peace are all signs that healing is taking place!!!

Acupuncture and Western Medicine

Acupuncture does not replace Western Medicine. Both medical traditions have strengths and weaknesses, which are complemented by the other. Patients receiving acupuncture are often able to tolerate Western medication, surgeries and procedures better with a faster recovery time.

Seeing your physician should be part of your health regimen. I often refer patients to Western medicine practitioners.  No one medical tradition can do everything. I want what is best and safest for all my patients!!